At Work

How you feel about your job can not only affect your performance but all other areas of your life, as well. When you're unhappy at work, you can experience greater levels of stress, anxiety and depression, which puts you at risk of several different physical health issues, as well.

How to Be Happier & Healthier at Work

  • Each morning, set a few small goals. At the end of the day, make note of the progress you made.
  • Supporting others makes us feel good, so by supporting a co-worker in even the smallest way, like bringing them a coffee, it can make their day and yours brighter.
  • Start the day with a positive attitude, even when you don't feel like being at work. Looking on the bright side will make every task just that much easier.
  • Steering clear of negative individuals and situations will assist in keeping your work environment more positive.

Healthy work environments foster healthier, happier employees. Workplaces where employees have a good sense of purpose and feel valued, where they connect with co-workers and are able to utilize their skills and/or abilities are those with the greatest levels of job satisfaction.

Healthy Work Environments Are:

  • Respectful
  • Environments with open communication
  • Places where individuals receive fair and livable wages
  • Well-lit, clean and equipped with the things individuals need to function and stay safe
  • Clear about their values
  • Flexible and willing to accommodate a good work/life balance
  • Willing to reasonably accommodate individuals's needs, such as physical or mental illness
  • Places that encourage healthy living through health plans, gym memberships and/or the availability of nutritious food choices.