If you need immediate support, please call us:

Get Support

When you have a mental health issue, it can be hard to know who you should ask for support. Individuals who care for or support loved ones with mental illness also need to look after themselves. Let us assist you in getting the support you need to get on the road to feeling better!

Support Right Now Reaching out for support is an important step. Talk with someone you trust about how you feel. Life can be overwhelming and there are supports available to you.

If you need support right now please use these telephone resources:

  • If suicide is a possibility, call 911
  • Alberta’s Mental Health Support Line is available 24 hours a day. Call 1 (877) 303-2642

Supporting Others

The support of family and friends is critical to support someone cope with mental illness. It is also important to take care of yourself, seeking support and advice to nurture your own life, too. Here are some ways to support a person coping with mental illness:

  • Take care of yourself: Connect with resources in your community. Many also have support for loved ones caring for a person with mental illness. Meeting others who have been through the phases of recovery reminds us that we’re not alone. Nurture your own life to maintain your individuality.
  • Listen: Listening is hearing someone without thinking about what you want to say next. It’s turning off distractions and focusing on what the person is saying. Ask for clarification throughout and offer advice only when asked.
  • Be patient: Getting well takes time and can include trying different treatments. It’s a process that will shift and will need to be nurtured.
  • Remember the individual: Mental illness can be caused by genetics, trauma, or chemical imbalance. Your loved one has a mental illness, but it’s not the individual’s fault. Reiterate that out loud to the person you are supporting.
  • Be hopeful: Recognize the positive steps, no matter how small. Reiterate these milestones to your loved one to show the progress that’s possible through treatment, time and support.
  • Encourage responsibility: Encourage individuals with mental illness to take responsibility for what they can control in their lives, such as their treatment plan.
  • If you suspect a person is suicidal: Ask directly if the person is thinking about suicide. Talking openly about suicide can bring relief to someone who has been afraid to confide their suicidal thoughts. Try to listen in a non-judgmental way without becoming upset. Then tell someone who can supportp.
  • Facilitate support: Connect with support in your community. Support can also be felt through offering company to appointments.

A New Way To Access Addiction & Mental Health Services

Roadsign DirectionsThe Integrated Crisis Acess Team (ICAT) is a team of addiction & Mental Health Professionals who work together to ensure our door leads you to the right service. It's a single point of entry system, where those requesting assistance are welcomed, engaged, supported, stabilized and linked to the most appropriate service.

What Does This Mean For You?

You may access Addiction & Mental Health services Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm in person or by telephone.

3rd Floor, Aberdeen Centre
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