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As a group that’s built on a foundation of giving, we meet and work with so many amazing people. Those who volunteer for us, work for us, and donate to us all help to push us toward the goal of bettering the lives of the millions of people who suffer each day from mental illness. Every so often, however, we are fortunate enough to come across someone truly special—a person who, through their attitude and daily actions, inspires us to work even harder to make the world around us a better place. It is this type of inspiration that keeps the CMHA going. With every act of kindness and generosity, we learn something: that hope is thriving within our community. And that even though today might be difficult for many of us, there is always that shining possibility that tomorrow could be brighter. Each year, Family Community Support Services (FCSS) holds a luncheon to honour a select few people that fall into the category of “truly special” and to give them an award for their outstanding contributions to the community. With that, let us congratulate our good friends Penny Newhook and Sherilee Crawley for their receipt of the 2019 Passionate Heart Award!

Penny and Sherilee: your dedication is a source of inspiration to all of us. You both go above and beyond, giving your all to help those in need through the CMHA Outreach program. Your caring attitudes, commitment, and compassion for those in need is a site to behold, and it goes without saying that things would be different if the two of you weren’t around to help! At the end of the day, we feel like we’re the ones that are being awarded by being able to work with you. So once again congratulations, but more importantly, THANK YOU!

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Back in December we were fortunate to receive a generous donation of $500 from Aquatera, and we at the CMHA would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Our main goal at CMHA is to help end the stigma and allow those who suffer from mental illness to rise above and conquer their problems. Millions of Canadians are affected directly by mental illness. That is why we work tirelessly to help those in need: because it affects us all. If it isn’t a personal diagnosis, then chances are it’s someone we know and love. Through our various outreach programs, we believe that its possible to educate our nation—one community at a time—about the myths and facts surrounding mental illness with the goal of creating a positive environment in which Canadians can live. It’s important that we look after one another so that we can all lead safe, happy lives.

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Aquatera is a pillar in our community. They do us all a huge service by providing us with clean water for all our daily needs, and by giving us the means to keep our city clean through their various waste disposal and recycling programs. Every year they go the extra mile, helping Grande Prairie through their litter pickup program, by sharing money made by their bottle donation program, and by accepting various sponsorships. By contacting us, they’ve also shown that they believe in the importance of mental health. These things do go hand in hand, if you think about it! If we work hard to take care of each other, we can also work together to take care of our beautiful planet. It may sound like a dream, but we truly believe that it’s possible with donations like the one given to us by Aquatera. So, thanks once again to Aquatera, and let’s continue to work together to create a positive, healthy environment for all Canadians!

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